Using Mitel Connect’s Softphone to Make Calls Using Your Computer’s Microphone and Speakers

This article only Applies to Faculty and Staff

Using the Mitel Connect Client, you can use your laptop as a phone! You can make and receive calls from your computer as if it were your desk phone.

If you do not have the Mitel Connect Client installed on your laptop you can download and install it here:

This feature requires you set up Cisco VPN and have it running. Many features will work with Direct Access, but audio has been unreliable.

To set this feature up do the following:

  1. Launch the Mitel Connect application.
    • For Windows: open it from the start menu and search for Mitel Connect
    • For Mac: look for the application from LaunchPad, or in Applications > Mitel > Mitel Connect
  2. Once opened you should see your name at the top of the application. Click on the icon that has your initials:

3. Once the new menu pops up change the “Incoming calls will ring:” setting from “Desk Phone” to “Softphone” – you will need to select this option every time you open the client, unless you change Settings/Preferences > Softphone > “On startup assign me to my softphone” in the Mitel Connect Client.

That it. Your laptop will now act like your desk phone. You can make calls and receive them from within the Mitel Connect Client.

If you are placing calls to other users that are using the softphone feature while at home, you must dial 738-8XXX or there will not be any audio during the call.

Note: This will make your Desk Phone inactive while this setting is enabled. So once you are back on campus be sure to change the setting back to “Desk Phone”

I want to have my phone forwarded to my cell phone instead. How do I do that?

If you want to have all calls routed to your cell phone instead of using the softphone feature, then this article will show you how to set that up:

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