Can IT Remote into my Computer?

This article is for Students, Faculty and Staff.

Yes! We have a solution set up for remote support to be as painless as possible.

If you are a Faculty or Staff your Windows computer should already have the remote tool installed, and we should just be able to help you immediately.

If you have a Campus Issued Mac, you can install the client here: in case you need remote assistance in the future.

If you are a student, it is still very simple! If the need arises where you are on the phone with one of us or have a ticket. We will provide you with a link and an access code for us to remotely troubleshoot your computer.

Note: This remote solution only works for Windows and Mac computers. Chromebooks cannot be remotely supported.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us while you are working remotely. We want everyone to be successful. So if your computer is not working right we have the means to help as if we were there!

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