Using the BigBlueButton Guest Feature

The “Invite guest” option is a useful feature in BBB that allows you to invite guests into a session. This feature can be used for many things, but many have used it for:

  • Advising
  • Guest speakers
  • Cross listed class lectures

In this article, I will cover how to use the guest feature generally, and then I will go into how to use it for each of the examples listed above.

General Usage:

To utilize the guest feature in Big Blue Button, you must first create a BBB session by adding a BBB activity to a week/topic in your Moodle course. After adding this activity, click on it and click the “Join session” button that comes up. Once you have joined your session, you should see a message in the chat area that says, “Invite a guest to join this meeting.” Click on this link (pictured below, highlighted yellow):

After clicking on this link, you should be brought to the following page:

Now, you can copy and paste the link that is contained on this page and share it with whoever you wish to join your session as a guest. Please note that this link will be unique for each BBB session that you have.


As mentioned above, the guest feature can be used to have private advising sessions with students. To use the guest feature for advising, it is recommended that you first create a week in your course that is hidden from students. Inside this hidden week, create a BBB session:

After creating this activity inside the hidden week, you can follow the general steps at the beginning of this article to invite the specific student(s) you wish to have an advising meeting with.

Guest Speakers:

If you wish to have a guest speaker speak to your students, simply follow the general steps covered at the beginning of this article to share the link with your speaker. Make sure that your speaker is using either Firefox or Google Chrome.

Cross Listed Classes:

Some professors have cross listed classes and they wish to give a lecture to both halves at the same time. The simplest way to do this is to create a BBB session in the class with more students and invite students in the other class to that session via the guest link.

There are more official documents regarding how to use BBB in this article. If you encounter issues with using BBB or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Information Technology via email or phone.

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